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Vogue Hair Design is raising the temperature at the salon with a pair of £4,000 heated scissors. The scissors, which have appeared on BBC's Tomorrow's World, claim to banish split ends forever. The worlds most expensive scissors, are heated to suit the clients hair type and seal the hair shaft to prevent split ends.

By heat sealing the end of each hair, as it is cut, the hair's natural moisture content is maintained. This sealing stops the dreaded split-ends and because of the higher moisture content the hair stays in better condition.

You're worth it

We think this revolution in hair cutting is too good to miss - so we have invested in the equipment - because you're worth it.

20,000 stylists can't be wrong

Thermal cutting was first introduced to European hairdressers some years ago, since then over 20,000 stylists in 13 countries have adopted the thermal cutting technique. THERA-cut is being hailed as a revolution in the industry.

And the price for tomorrow's hair care science today?

A mere £6 extra...

LADIES  PRICES                                    All Prices include cut and finish 

Cut Price
Shampoo Set & Cut £22.00
Shampoo 'N' Set £13.00
Straighten / Tongs                                                            From £5.50
Re-style and Blow Dry                                                          " £38.50
Blow Dry                                                                               " £18.50
Cut 'N' Blow Dry                                                                    " £28.50
French Plait £18.00
Cuts                                                                                   From £18.00
Thermal Cuts  
Hair Up Quote
Hair Up with Cut & Set Quote
Colours   (Long Hair and Additional Colours to be Quoted) Price
Permanent                                                                             From £46.50
Semi                                                                                          " £39.50
Hilites (Cap)                                                                              " £58.50
(Woven)                                                                                    " £68.00
Lolites (Cap)                                                                              " £58.50
(Woven)                                                                                    " £68.00
 Half Head (Woven)                                                                  " £60.50
Fashion Techniques                                                                   " £55.00
Perms   Including cut and blow dry Price
Acid Perm £70.50
Half Head


Long Hair Quote
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